Ten years ago we (Hans and Marjolijn) found a ruin hidden in this corner of Czech Republic.
There were trees growing out of the roof, there had been a fire and the interior was completely gone.

We fell in love, with the building, the nature and the village (and each other, but that’s a different story ūüôā

We have come pretty far restaurating everything, keeping all the original parts that were left and using and reusing natural materials.

After all these years financing everything ourselves we are at the end of our money, we want to raise a fund by making a program, the money that comes from this, directly will be invested in the church.

Now we are saving for new isolated windows wich will cost 600.000 kc.

We also want to give the church back its original function in a creative way: To be a meeting place and to celebrate together.

So feel welcome to join the program, tell us your ideas and maybe you can organise something here.

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