We are open for everybody who wants to use the space in the church for activities such as dance, a concert, an exibition or a wedding in style. It’s a big light space with an oiled wooden floor (perfect for bare feet).

We love creative ideas and experimentals. You’ll just have to ask and we can talk about it.
Also if you have a low budget, come by and discuss your position with us, we think in possibilities.

The livingroom includes use of kitchen and two toilets. There are many chairs (about 70), theater lights, candleholders of many kinds, grannies sofa, pillows, piano, electrical music installation (for a band), record players and many old -’60-’70-’80’s records!

Call us so we can fit you in the program, or come by, let’s meet and check out our livingroom yourself..

If you want to organise something for like a week or so, please get in touch, the costs depend on the activity and how many people you want to invite. We can also speak about accomodation, there are several possibilities to sleep here with a biigger group.


Small group smaller price, big group (100 +) bigger price

*We use the money to restore this lovely monument