Music in Soulkostel can be made and heard in the most pure way and can be any form and type of sound or silence.

There is no limit.

The only limit is in the amount of concerts held in the venue.

The organisation of events operates on a low-budget and voluntary basis. An important part of our work is respect for the space (musicians peform in slippers/sock or bare feet). 

The organisation of concerts is mostly done in cooperation with nice local group called Šrumec. If you are interested to play in Soulkostel contact Šrumec directly via: or and use the subject “Music”.

Clip recorded in Soulkostel by Edgar’s Hair:

Audio recorded in Soulkostel by the band Edgar’s Hair, for their double album Jonathan’s Dive.

Bands who have performed here


It is possible to rent the whole place as an artist/a band and use Soulkostel as concert or rehearsal or recording venue.

The rentals are governed by specific rules.

For more informations contact us via email , as the subject use “Music – rental”.


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