We try to support manifold ways of creative work and understand the space as an open platform for ideas.

The artistic attitude is concentrated on researching of, reflecting on and experimenting with the relationship between people, location and nature.

Soulkostel suits to site specific projects and encurages to focus on environment or work outdoors within the landscape. Various events from theatre, film festivals, neighboring meetings to expermental performances are held here.


In case of any proposal about what could be realised in Soulkostel, don´t hesitate to contact us via and use the subject “ART”.


Every year in Soulkostel is organized the art Symposium, a ten-day workshop / residence for international and local artists. Each of the participants brings to this specific place their unique experience and they are encouraged to work within the context of the landscape and features of the local environment. The observation from different angles and through diverse media leads to specific signature of artists, which are embodied in the memory of the place. The idea is to layer all the projects on top of each and create from Soulkostel an inspiring, vital environment for artists and visitors.

Since 2019 we operate a Long term artistic residence prgramme, which offers two or three month residency to artists or small artistic groups. During this stay we provide artists with accommodation and space for creative work, while trying to involve them in the activities of the venue. Once a year we launch the open call for residency, which is open since mid-December until the end of January.