Soulkostel in Vernéřovice is a unique cultural venue in the Czech – Polish borderland, it is a deconsecrated church located in woods in former Sudetenland of Broumovsko area.

This place was found by Hans Brussee and Marjolijn de Graaf, who discovered the church from 19th century as a ruin fifteen years ago. In that time the roof was occupied by trees, the original interior was ravaged by fire and the equipment was stolen.

After many years of cherishing and patient reconstructing, the place returned into it´s original purpose: come together, create and celebrate. Now it functions as a meeting space for different people, musicians, communities and artlovers.



The operation of such a specific building is very demanding, it requires constant care and reconstruction.

Because we function on low-budget and volunteer basis any support and idea is very welcomed.

You can donate finance, wood or other resources for Soulkostel through soulkostel@gmail.com (as a subject write “donation”).

Personally you can join our small group of volunteers, just write us your ideas, how you would like to help us to soulkostel@gmail.com (as a subject write “volunteer”).